Happy hour

HAPPY HOUR at cost of just € 10,50 for a prearranged order of food and drinks every day from 16.00 to 17.00 h. Guests to arrive at the restaurant's table at the very latest by 18.00 h.
Towards the end of socializing all interested can (for free) visit our wine museum to hear the story of the production of wine, sweet wine, fruit brandy, wine bar and cellar. All products of the wine, fruit brandies and olive oil tastings, can be purchased in our wine museum.


  • 1 aperitif of choice,
  • Dalmatian smoked ham 50g and cheese 50g,
  • baked bread,
  • 0.20 litre of white or red wine.

TASTING second

  • 1 aperitif of choice,
  • fried sardines,
  • seasonal salad,
  • baked bread,
  • 0.20 litre of white or red wine.


  • 1 aperitif of choice,
  • beef stew (150 g) with gnocchi,
  • baked bread,
  • 0.20 litre of white or red wine.

TASTING fourth

  • 1 aperitif of choice,
  • grilled mackerel with cabbage salad,
  • baked bread,
  • 0.20 litre of white or red wine.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • • • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
10,50 or 80 kn- price per person per tasting

happy hour degustation  happy hour degustation


These are common basic menu tastings, (with a surcharge),may be changed with any of the drinks and food from our menu.

  • The prices of all our products wines, fruit brandies from our own production in particular are marked by type, scope, content alc. and year of production of a certain product.
  • Higher prices for drinks are specified for eating at a restaurant table.
  • Lower prices of drinks are specified for the purchase and consumption at home.
  • Tables no. 1 and 2 overlooking the sea should be previously booked days in advance.
  • For all orders of food or drink after 17.00 h the valid price is in the menu. With dinner (as well) any additional food and drinks from regular restaurant STRNJ menu.
  • The bus driver and guide are entitled to free consumption.
  • Children and people under 18 years and those who do not drink alcohol, we offer the same price 0.50 litre of beverage of your choice: (mineral water, juice, cola, fanta) instead of (aperitifs and 0.20 litre of wine.)
  • The organizer disclaims sudden changes in weather conditions , especially in the pre- and post-season, but climatic changes are very rare.
  • Guests are also free to use restaurant toilets.
  • The expected duration of tastings is about 1 hour.
  • If more than 10 people at a time , we recommend to book several days in advance.

Please keep in mind that the number of restaurant seats is limited (50)!

PLEASE BOOK FOR YOUR VISIT - contact us. Thank you!
For any questions, we are at your service. Contact me E-mail or cell phone.
00385 98 187 4281 - Teo